Another Happy EZ Pool Customer: A very nice video testimony from a couple that bought not just one pool but two.

A Black Pool from EZ Pools: By choosing to customize their EZ Pool and go black, the customer gets to take advantage of free sunlight for heating the pool Saves $$$.

Durable Event Pools from EZ Pools!: This video is a 12' x 27 EZ Event Pool as part of the Gladiator Rock'nRun event held at the Rose Bowl October 1, 2011. Over 20,000 people climbed in and out of an EZ Pool as part of a 5km obstacle course!

Knifing the Side of an EZ Pool!!!: This video shows how strong the pool is,w e stab it with a knife, show water coming out, beat it with a sledgehammer, then repair it - and then beat it again after the repair. That's right. An EZ Pool is that strong!

See the SwimMill in Action Underwater: Customer video demonstrates the SwimMill™ in action underwater.

SwimMill in Action: Customer demonstrates the SwimMill and provides a professional swimmer's opinion on the item.

Taking a Sledgehammer to the side of an EZ Pool!?!: Worried about your kids in an EZ Pool? Please, we show just how tough a pool from really ez pools really is.

Two SwimMills One Pool: Customer demonstrates how they are able to use two SwimMills, at the same time, side by side, in the same pool.

Using Vaseline to Stop a Puncture from Leaking: The EZ Pool liner is so advance, if you ever get a puncture, just use a small dab of Vaseline to plug it and that's it. That's right Vaseline.