Below are several articles our customers have found informative. The internet has become today's ecyclopedia of information. A lot of it good and helpful while some of it is half-complete, inaccurate or flat-out false. We spend a great deal of time presenting proof of the quality of our experience, reputation as well as our product.

     At the end of the day, yes you are looking for a quality, well-made, alternative to an expensive in-ground swimming pool. And we feel an EZ Pool is exactly what you are looking for. But what we are talking about is establishing a relationship. You want to be able to know that the company you are buying from is reputable (hence our BBB listing), reliable (good corporate standing since 2006) and available for support - before, during and after the sale.

     We hope you find these articles helpful.

Article on How to Properly Winterize a Portable Swimming Pool: A public article about properly taking care of a portable swimming pool during the winter.

Chlorine's Bad Rap: A public article about the easy affordable solution chlorine provides portable pool owners - in comparison to the various alternatives available today.

The Buoyancy Benefit of Personal Portable Pool: • Having your own personal pool offers much more than just swimming. The buoyancy of water provides you with tremendous health benefits for a better you without the negative impact of dry-land exercises.

Can a Swimming Pool be Tax Deductible? Here are some examples of when an EZ Pool customer was able to deduct both their purchase and maintenance on their taxes.

Here is a Great Reason to Have Your Own Swimming Pool - It is Healthier!! USAToday wrote an article about community pools after test samples from several community pools showed evidence of...POOP!!! Annouces an Easy Remedy for Canceled Vacations: Mar 13, 2020; As the world shuts down and customer decide to hold up in their homes, we offer a way for a family to enjoy a safe vacation at home.

When is a Retailer Responsible for a Pool's Warranty? A breakdown of three instances of when and where a retailer is fully responsible for the warranty on a portable swimming pool.

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