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Big Pools for Big Occasions

EZ Pools can be really big pools too. Over the years, we have been a part of some huge events and water needs. Because we make everything here in America, and your EZ Pool does not get made until you order it - we are able to make pools to fit all kinds of needs.

The above event is just one example of where an EZ Pool made the event possible. The D Casino only had the DLVEC (Downtown Las Vegas Event Center) for three days. One day to set up, one day for the event, and one day to strike and remove. This could only be possible with a really big portable EZ Pool.

We Provide Big Pool Solutions for your Big Pool Needs

EZ Pools has, and continues to be, part of some really big pool projects. Our vast experience with making quality portable swimming pools has helped us to help others fulfill their really big pool needs. Sometimes these needs can be in the form of a really big pool for a wake-boarding event, or a really big professional lap pool.

Regardless of your swimming pool needs we are able to answer all your questions and fulfill all your really big portable pool needs. Contact us today for a quote for your upcoming really big portable pool project.

The above picture is just one example of the many customers who have written us testimonies over the past 15 Years. Click Here to See More >>>

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