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     Most of our standard sizes offer you an option to modify the size to fit your needs. So if you are wanting a pool that measures 6' x 15', then you would choose the 7' x 17' and add the modification fee to have it modified down to your size. If you need a 19' x 44', then you would choose the 22' x 47' and add the modification fee.

If you have any questions, please email or call us. We are happy to help.

You can Only Buy an EZ Pool from EZ Pools

     We only sell customer-direct. An EZ Pool is made-to-order and does not exist until you order it. We do not sell cheap pools like Amazon, Walmart, Target and your local grocery stores. We offer you a quality alternative to the ever-increasing costs of a traditional pool. An EZ Pool offers you all the lasting durability, options and features of traditional in-ground pools for usually 1/10th the price. And though an EZ Pool can be; on-the-ground, in-the-ground or partially in-the-ground do not confuse them with the old-fashioned metal-sided above-ground pool often refered to as a "doughboy". An EZ Pool is vastly superior in design and function.

     An EZ Pool can be placed on any type of level surface. An EZ Pool can tolerate being hit repeatedly by a sledgehammer. And an EZ Pool can be buried without any issue of rust. So yeah, we may be above ground in some cases - but we are so much better than that.

EZ Pools, Better by Design

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