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Customer Showcase

     Wow! What an amazing journey the past 18 years have been. When we look back at the scope of projects we have participated in - we marvel at the creativity of our customers and their ingenuity.

     This site is devoted to showcasing examples of how our customers have used their EZ Pool in hope that it to  inspires new customers. We strongly believe in the benefits swimming provides but understand that finding a swimming pool in a community has either become too hard, too crowded or too much of a hassle.

     We at EZ Pool Products hope that these examples help inspire you to continue your own dream of enjoying your very own full-size swimming pool.

Almost 300 Examples for you to Review!!

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Year 2021: 4 Lane 75 Yard EZ Pool

2020: 50m EZ Lap Pool

2019: The Today Show

2018: Jimmy Fallon Show

2017: Manchester Unites

2016: 12x52 EZ Pool

2015: 12x47 EZ Pool

2014: Boat Show

2013: Michael Andrew 2nd Pool

2012: Dog Dock Diving

2011: Gladiator Event Pool

2010: 10mx25m UK Pool

2009: Michael Andrew 1st Pool

2008: Wake-Boarding Pool

2007: High Desert Pool

2006: Travelling Kayak Pool

2005: 1st 25m Training Pool

Year 2022: Another EZ Event Pool