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The Araujo Family

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7' Wide x 12' Long EZ Training Pool


These pictures do not represent all the pools we sold for that year, just the pools whose customers have sent us pictures so far. Since most of our customers rarely have problems with their EZ Pool, we sometimes never hear from them again. But when they need us, they know how to find us. If you find these pictures on unaffiliated websites (nefarious and unscrupulous imitators), please let us know.

Mrs Araujo was so proud of her son. He practiced his swimming and conditioning training everyday. He would wake up at 5am to go to school to swim for as much as two hours before school, and twice on Saturday and Sunday. So you can imagine how crushed she was when they closed the schools and swimming pools during the lock downs. But she would never give up on her son.

She called us, ordered the pool, and even drove down to pick it up so they could have it up and filled the next day. And sure enough she did and he did. Her son is now back with training with his team - but he has a training pool at home whenever he needs it - thanks to his loving mom..