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The Duke Family

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12' Wide x 25m Two Lane EZ Lap Training Pool


These pictures do not represent all the pools we sold for that year, just the pools whose customers have sent us pictures so far. Since most of our customers rarely have problems with their EZ Pool, we sometimes never hear from them again. But when they need us, they know how to find us. If you find these pictures on unaffiliated websites (nefarious and unscrupulous imitators), please let us know.

Long before the lockdowns of 2020, the Duke family wanted to provide their daughter a training pool to keep her fit and ready for championship meets. But when the lock downs occurred, the Duke family freely made their pool available for all their daughter’s team mates to practice in.

“Yes it is very much an individual sport.” Explains their daughter. “But we are a team. We grow by encouraging each other. So because we have a 25 meter pool, while the city ones were shut down, it was the right thing to do."