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The Gilbert Family

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7' Wide x 27' EZ Lap Pool


These pictures do not represent all the pools we sold for that year, just the pools whose customers have sent us pictures so far. Since most of our customers rarely have problems with their EZ Pool, we sometimes never hear from them again. But when they need us, they know how to find us. If you find these pictures on unaffiliated websites (nefarious and unscrupulous imitators), please let us know.

If you have had the opportunity to review our “Lap Pool” section at the website then you have reviewed our advice about proper ground prep. The longer the pool, the more important this ground prep becomes.

The Gilbert family elected to create a rigid perimeter using pre-treated 4x4 lumber, then compacting sand inside it. The net result is a good rigid surafce for the pool frame, and a soft bottom for the pool for a whole lot less money than concrete.