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The Page Family

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7' Wide x 25m Long EZ Lap Training Pool


These pictures do not represent all the pools we sold for that year, just the pools whose customers have sent us pictures so far. Since most of our customers rarely have problems with their EZ Pool, we sometimes never hear from them again. But when they need us, they know how to find us. If you find these pictures on unaffiliated websites (nefarious and unscrupulous imitators), please let us know.

Chrissy Page’s daughter was on her way to being the regional swimming champ in several key metrics - then the lockdowns happened. They knew about us because of the Michael Andrew success, so they called us, rushed an order, and within a few weeks their daughter was back up and training. Although the pool is designed to last for many years to come, their daughter was able to rejoin her teammates in their indoor pool. The Page family dontaed their pool to another family who alsi has a rising star in the swimming world.