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The Murray Family

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7' Wide x 27' Long EZ Lap Pool


These pictures do not represent all the pools we sold for that year, just the pools whose customers have sent us pictures so far. Since most of our customers rarely have problems with their EZ Pool, we sometimes never hear from them again. But when they need us, they know how to find us. If you find these pictures on unaffiliated websites (nefarious and unscrupulous imitators), please let us know.

If you have had a chance to read through our Lap Pool section on “Preparing the Ground”, you can recall we talk a lot about preventing the ground from being a factor. Pouring a conrete pad really does prevent the ground from causing your EZ Pool to be out of level.

In the case of the Murray family, they live in Canada and wanted to create a ground thermal barrier to help keep the pool warmer during the cooler months. So they accomplished two features with one project.!!