Extra Cartridge (for 100sf)


Add: $45.00


Outdoor Timer

A-Frame Ladder

Add:  $400.00

Inside Step

Add: $500.0

Care Kit Add: $250

Extra Flo-Kit

Add: $65.00

Solar Covers Add: $350

Pool Covers Add: $550

EZ SwimMill

Add: $50.00

Cleanable and Reusable up to 2 Years

Always Handy to have an Extra One

Helps to keep pool clean

Everything needed except Sanitizer

Helps keep Pool Clean from Debris

Heats Water During Sunny Days

Helps to Prevent Heat Loss

Connects to Pool Corners

Supports an Adult's Weight (when full)

Ideal for Winterizing

Pools Made-to-Order

Ship in 14-20 Business Days

Cost: $428

17' x 42' EZ Pool Only:   EZ Pools are Made-to-Order right here in the USA. They are backed by a Five-Year Warranty, made from only American-Made Components, and each pool includes one Flo-Kit Set.

2 Speed 100 sq ft P/F

Meets DOE 2021 Requirements

Filters upto 75 GPM

Reusable Polyester Element

Fits regular 110v Outlet


Add RimGard:   The top edge of your EZ Pool is the only area of the pool exposed to the sun constantly and therefore can be very hot to touch on hot summer days. The RimGard is a specially treated all white material that is cool to touch and easy to clean. If ordered, this added to your pool wall rim. Learn More >>>

Cost: $223 Each

Add Swimmer's Lane Marker:   This will add a 10" wide black swimmer's lane marker to the floor of your EZ Pool. Olympic standards are eight feet wide swimming lanes, however personal pools can go as tight as five feet wide. Choose how many lanes you would like. If you are not sure, feel free to Reach Out to Us.


Cost: $500

Request Modification:   Because your EZ Pool is Made-to-Order we are able to modify the width, length and/or depth of your EZ Pool. We only modify down, not up. If you choose this option you will receive a follow up email requesting more details on your request.

Add: $1000

Add: $100

1HP 50 sq ft P/F

Filters 50 Gallons per Minute

Reusable Polyester Element

Fits regular 110v Outlet

Add: $500

Extra Cartridge (for 50sf)

Cleanable, Durable & Reusable

Handy to have an Extra One

Add: $80

Click Here for a PDF Brochure (3.5mbs)

Request Color Change:   We offer a variety of color options; Click Here to View our Available Colors. You can also choose direct colors for the wall and the floor of the both for the same price. But please understand the color of the wall outside is the same as the inside, with the exception of the floor, which can be a different color. We do recommend the RimGard for dark colored pool walls such as: black, dark blue, etc...

Cost: $1,800

Add this to include: 2Speed 100 Pump/Filter, A-Frame Ladder, Care Kit, Extra Cartridge, Solar Cover and SAVE $300 compared to the individual item costs.

Cost: $350-$550

Color Choices

In-Pool Skimmer

Add: $175.00

Fits Snug in the Pool Corner

Typically does not Interefer

with swimming.