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Get a Free Pump, Filter and Ladder! Ask How. Text, email or call us.

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EZ Pools by Name and by Product

     Every EZ Pool is a Portable Pool - but not every Portable Pool is an EZ Pool. This is a statement of fact. We sell EZ Pools exclusively customer-direct, we therefore have a list of a customer's purchase going back to the early days of 2006. We have all our records and know our family members by name.

     We are not like those giant web-dominate retailers that sell everything from cars to bars of soap. We sell EZ Pools and accessories related to EZ Pools and that's it.

     For our customers, it is not just a purchase - it's an investment. Families invite our products into their home, to be an important part of the family and a source of family togetherness, relaxing and playing together in the privacy and security of their own backyard.

EZ Pools are Made Right in Your Backyard

     Literally. These days, almost 100% of portable pools found on the internet are made in Asia (China or Korea). EZ Pools are the best portable pool made right here on American soil. So yeah - right in your backyard. We use American parts and materials as well. It is true that you can save a lot of money buying parts from other parts of the world, but then you can be sure of the quality of the component. Not all materials are the same - we know because we have tested them all. If you have read our history, then you know we use to work with a Korean company in the early days of the KD Pool. But when KD was purchased, and the new company moved them to China - we said no way. At one point, there was about ten providers of portable pools in the market, all made in Asia. Now they have all gone out of business - And We are Still Here.

     An EZ Pool is also made right in you backyard - because our pools are so easy to assemble they do not require a professional team of installers.From Carton to Completion to One Hour that is usually all it takes. Of course the larger pools can take longer - but year after year customers re-affirm that statement. On occasion, a customer will let us know they did it in less than one hour.

EZ Pools are just Made Right

     Yes our pools are easy and affordable - but not cheap. If you want a cheap pool, go to the grocery store. Certain times of the year, everybody sells pools. So if cheap is your only criteria - then there are hundreds of places pretty much selling the same Chinese-made cheap pool.

     EZ Pools are Made-to-Order. We do not stock pools for one very important reason - not everybody wants the same pool, same size or even the same color. Only EZ Pools offers this unique ability to make an EZ Pools that is right for you. Since 2006, we marvel how every year the popularity of one size over another occurs. And each year it is different. So even if we wanted to stock pools, chances are what we stock is not popular that year. The very best pool is Made Right When you Order it.

     There are a lot of portable pools available, but if you discount the cheap grocery-store version, you will quickly notice the retailer can only sell you what they have left - not what you want, but only what they have left. EZ Pools Always has the Right Size.

     Be sure to check us out. And give us a call, or shoot us an email. We are here to help.

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