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    A traditional swimming pools is very expensive. They are neither eco-friendly nor are they economically-friendly. For years a traditional swimming pool has been expensive to purchase, to maintain, a complete waste of both money and resources and they have traditionally not been friendly to the enviroment. We at EZ Pools have changed all that. Providing you the Most Eco-Friendly Portable Pool possible - Ecologically and Economically Friendly.

     First off, you have to consider value based on how long are you going to be enjoying your purchase. An EZ Pool is the Most Durable Portable Pool available today - and this translates into a very eco-friendly pool.

     Why? Because with an EZ Pool, you are buying one pool that will last for as long as your kids are in the home and well into the years of them having children of their own. And since you are only buying one pool, you are not polluting the environment with those plastic throw-away pools like those short-lived cheapo pools found at the grocery store. The average family will go through 2-3 of those cheap kiddy pools before they finally realize the value an EZ Pool provides. Sheesh, what a waste. See for Yourself How Durable Our Portable Pools Really Are >>

     And with an EZ Pool, you are not sacrificing Beauty for the Environment, Because an EZ Pool Can Be Both Eco-Conscious and Beautiful.

EZ Pools are the Most Eco-Friendly Portable Pool!

     Second, there is the issue of heating the water. We offer more affordable and environment-friendly products that provide warm water without the expense and pollution of gas heating. Now it is true that the larger the pool, the more likely the only way to heat it is with a gas heater. But EZ Pool owners can use a variety of heating alternatives that can dramatically reduce the dependancy  on the gas heater and that are Unique Features to EZ Pools as well as being both Affordable and Eco-Friendly.

Custom Color Portable Pool

     Consider a Black EZ Pool Since every EZ Pool is a portable pool that is made to order, we are able to provide you with a variety of color choices as well. And a growing trend is choosing a black pool. By using a black liner, you are able to attract sunlight through the pool wall, thus heating the pool without any cost to you. In the case of the Coe family, they had direct sunlight throughout the day. As soon as the sky cleared up and started being sunny, the pool would heat up. This simple choice allows you to convert daily sun light into a powerful pool heating tool without emissions or cost.

     Consider Solar Options: By merely laying a solar cover over the pool water, you can not only amplify the sun light to heat the water, but it also works as an insulator to keep the heat inside the pool and reduce water evaporation.

     The EZSun Solar Heating can be placed where there is the most daily sunlight. The water can go in as cold as 50º and come out as warm as 80º on a sunny day. In combination with a solar cover, you have develop are very Learn More >>>

Choosing an Eco-Friendly Pool is Important

     EZ Pools are Eco-Pools in that their Earth-Friendly design gives them a Very Low Carbon Footprint. With a combination of various unique features our Environmental Friendly Pools help to keep your monthly costs down, which of course takes pressure off both your wallet and the environment, but we also have many ways to Reuse the pool water in a variety of ways. You can actually Recycle the water in your EZ Pool but using the pump and filter that comes with your EZ Pool package. This keeps your costs down and allows you to be very Water Conservative.

     While you can get cheaper pools, you would not be saving any money as the Repurpose Pools you would be throwing away are not used to better the earth at all. Instead the cheap pools merely end up in landfills having a huge impact on the Future Earth. Whereas our Green-Friendly Pools can last for many many years to come. Because they are both durable and well built, EZ Pools are Earth-Safe Pools as you will only buy one EZ Pool for the life of your pool needs. So our Environment Safe Pools can be used for this summer, next summer and even the summer your new grand kids come to visit.

     It is this Eco-Safe mentality that makes an EZ Pool such a Kind to Earth Pool as well as being Kind to Environment Pools. There are many choices for families in search of a swimming pool, but our Eco-Kind Pools offer more Organic Pool Heating choices, more Organic Pool Maintenance choices and even allow you the opportunity to create an All-Natural Pool. The way to create an Eco Sustained Pool that is both a Water Conservation Pool as well as a Conservative Pool starts with an investment into a swimming pool that is both easy and affordable. An EZ Pool is the very best Eco Conservation Pool as it takes very little effort to assemble, can be used for years and years, and can even be taken down and stored during the off-season - which saves you both impact on the environment and saves you Green.

     Eco Green Use Pools start with purchasing a Quality Eco Pool. Because a cheap pool that you only use one of two summers can never be Quality Eco-Friendly Pool because a Well-Made Eco-Friendly Pool has to be able to withstand years of use and abuse. EZ Pools are Well Made Earth-Friendly Portable Pools that are American Made Green Products. EZ Affordable Portable Pools are Earth Gentle Pools that Recycle the water creating Environmentally Friendly Pools.

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