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EZ Pools are Making Waves

     Wake-boarding is a relatively new sport that has been growing in popularity throughout the world. Originally based on lakes and water parks, this sport has been growing widely because of the portable pool.

     Whereas it was once limited to people driving to the show, now (with the help of our portable event pools) this sport can be taken to a variety of areas where lakes are not found.

     This is a perfect example of how a portable pool works as an event pool. The pool itself is not the focus, it is what is going on in or on the pool that is the focus. Eitherway, our portable pools are very easy to assemble, very durable and the perfect tool for any water-based sporting event that needs to be moveable and portable.

     Wake-boarding usually involves two pools; a large staging pool and a considerably bigger landing pool. In the case of Radical Sports, the wanted a 20' x 50' for a staging pool and a 30' x 60' for a landing pool. Though some wake-boarding events use longer landing pools, Radical Sports was limited on space for there WakeFest summer event. Fortunantely for them, we can make any size because we are the better choice.

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Fashion Show, Rock Concert and Wake-Boarding Event with two EZ Pools

     For one promoter in Switzerland, having just a wake-boarding competition was not enough. They wanted a fashion show, rock concert, and wake-boarding event all rolled into one event. This multi-million dollar event was such a huge success in Switzerland, that they took the show on the road. They had 14 shows scheduled for throughout Europe the following year.

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