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The Best Portable Pool for in the Ground

     The principles of placing a pool in the ground, on the ground or even partially in the ground are exactly the same. Your EZ Pool is designed to be self-sustaining as a fully erected swimming pool that requires no permenant support or structure for it to work. But the ground is still important to properly support. Learn more about Proper Ground Prep >>>

Why EZ Pools are the Better Choice

     Over the years more and more families having been choosing an EZ Pool for their in-ground pools needs - as opposed to the traditional concrete or even fiberglass choices.

     Economically Better: From start to finish, customer electing to go with an EZ Pool for thier in-ground needs find they save upwards to 70-90% the traditional costs associated with a concrete in-ground pool. Because an EZ Pool is so easy to set up and incredibly durable, the customer merely digs the hole size they need and erect the pool. Not only less money but dramatically faster - which saves money too.

     High Water Table: Some areas of the country have what is called a "high water tale". This refers to undergournd water levels. Typically near rivers, lakes, ocean and any large body of water there is a high water table. As soon as a customer starts to dig down they hit water.

     As a result of this nature in some areas, custoemrs are restricted from putting in a traditional in-ground pool. Why? Well imagine, they dig the hole, put in a fiberglass or concrete pool and over time the high water table starts to seep underneath. Customer drains the water from the pool for service and BOOM! the pool pops out of the ground.

     Customer around high water tables can did down to right about the water level. Some times 2', 3' or more/less. With an EZ Pool the pool can stand in still water, but typically you fill back dirt until no more water fills in. Then the customer erects the EZ Pool and builds a deck the rest of the way. This gives the customer an in-ground feel without the enormous expense associated with building a water-proof retaining wall.

     To learn more about Building a Deck >>>

     Getting a Permit is a Pain-in-A••!!: Getting a permit for almost anything these days is expense, time-consuming and truly one of the most unexciting aspects of any project. With an EZ Pool, most areas do not require a permit for a "portable pool"*.

     Permits for pools are really about making sure when you dig down, you do not hit cables or pipes running underneath your property. However, if you only go down two feet or less (varies by area), you do not need a permit. So a custoemr can dig down say 20", place the EZ Pool, then build a deck around it. This gives them the look and feel of an in ground pool without the hassle and expense of a traditional process.

     Typically the more densely populated an area is, the more rigid they are about digging into the ground. More rural areas typically do not have this issue. But even the ability to go down only partially is less hassle and money as well. Either way you will find an EZ Pool the very Best Portable Pool for placing in the ground.

* Always check with your HOA, city or county for exact rules.

     Ground Movement: It happens. The groudn under a pool moves over time. In the case with a concrete pool this creates very expensive cracks in the side of the pool - which almost always cause the lose of water. Whereas with an EZ Pool, as long as you take care in Proper Ground Prep then if the ground shifts or moves over time, your EZ Pool will shift with it.

     Earthquake-Proof? Because our pool is flexible, water movement has no detrimental effects on the pool. Even dramatic ground movements such as earthquakes. You will see soe pretty dramatic waves in your pool - but no cracks as is common with concrete pools. Of course, if the quake is large enough to fall a building, chances are your pool will be impacted. But those kind of major quakes are rare in the US.

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   What about a Flood? Yes this too does not impact an EZ Pool. When floods move through an area, the force of the water is so powerful that it can move a building off its foundation. But an EZ Pool has the same force as the flowing water. The following picture is not our pool, but illustrates our point.