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Dark Walls Make a Free Heating Option

     Heat Transference is a very unique feature of an EZ Lap Pool. The ability to take advantage of the sun heating the pool wall just makes it easier to heat. You can make your EZ Pool a Dark Blue or Black walled pool, but still use a lighter color for the interior floor. Giving you free heat.

     With our customer in the video, they live in Colorado but they have a 180º of sunlight. So every year, their pool thaws out and warms up faster than all their neighbors' pools.

     Dark colors naturally absorb sunlight. Though this is great for the walls, it is not good for the rim of the pool. So even though our customers can order a dark material color for the pool wall, we still use white along the rim as this is the one area of the pool that you need to keep cool-to-touch.

     Although you can make the whole pool all one color, we recommend using a lighter color for the floor as many customers find a fully black pool too forboding. Adding a shite floor or light blue, brightens up the interior making it more inviting.

     This color combination does not impact sun's heating because the color of the floor plays little or no factor in this heating option. Besides, most customers seeking sun heat also buy a sola cover.

Solar Covers Do Work!

     A solar cover provides several advantages that make it a valueable purchase.

     Yes they do Heat the Water. The sun's rays are amplified by the cover, heating the top 7-10" of water. When you mix this water with the rest of the pool, it does heat it.

     Reduces Evaporation. With a cover in place there is less evaporation of the pool water. The cover traps the moisture that would normally dissipate.

     Helps Reduce Debris. When the cover is in place, debris and other pollutants land on the cover, not in your pool.

EZ Sun Solar Heating System Made EZ

     Another effective way to amplify the sun's heating capabilities is to use a EZSun heating system. This costs nothing to use, can be placed were you get the most sunlight and can be turned off when the summer is already too hot.

     Water goes in as low as 50º and can come out as warm as 80º on a sunny day. Working with the other two items we discussed above, you can effectively warm and heat your EZ Lap Pool for less than you might think. Learn more >>>

     Be sure to check out our other Eco-Friendly aspects an EZ Lap Pool offers you >>

Give Your EZ Pool a Home

     Of course in many areas where it snows, the only real effective way to heat your EZ Lap Pool year round is to control the ambient temperature.

     When the air surrounding the pool drops to below 30º, the water will eventually become ambient to match the surrounding air. So even with all the solar options available to you and a sunny day, you are not able to create any kind of meaningful heat.

     The most viable and cost effective way to maintain year round warm water for swimming, in areas where it can drop to below 30º is to capture and control the air around the pool. And the best way to do that is to have some type of enclosure around the pool.

     The pictures here show a 12' x 52' EZ Lap Pool that a customer placed inside a greenhouse. The sun would heat the greenhouse, dramatically raising the ambient air making it much easier to warm or heat the water. This is much less expesnive then building a full on building and allows you to control the surrounding air for better heating.

     Of course gas heating is an option (natural gas or propane) but that too can be expensive in the presence of snow and freezing temperatures.

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