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EZ Pools Always has the Right Size

     Let's face it, yards are getting smaller and smaller. With every new housing development, the yard is sacrificed. Not just in the city, but many suburbs are seeing the yards shrinking.

     Most swimming pool providers only offer a shrinking choice of sizes, unless you decide to go with a traditional in-ground pool that can cost as much as a house in some areas.

     This is where EZ Lap Pool can truly help you take advantage of swimming exercises in the privacy of your own backyard. We offer you the ability to design your own portable pool from the width, length, depth and color. Learn more about Custom EZ Pools >>

EZ Pools are Better than In-Ground Pools

     If you have the space, we have the pool for you - no matter what the space is. All you need to do is decide what size pool you want and can fit, and EZ Lap Pools can make it for you.

     From carton to completion, you will discover that an EZ Lap Pool is the choice fo a more cost-effective solution to your lap pool desires. We are much easier to assemble, can be placed on-the-ground, partially in-the-ground or fully in-ground. It does not matter.

     An EZ Lap Pool is also much more forgiving when the ground moves, shakes or just erodes away over time. With traditional in-ground pools, these kind of ground movements can crack the concrete and fiberglass shells.

     An EZ Lap Pool is more affordable both on the front end and in the long term as well.

EZ Pools offers Swim-in-Place

     Can't fit a lap pool? EZ Lap Pools offers a very easy and affordable swim-in-place device that fully mimics the exercise, motion and benefits of regular lap swimming.

     The International standard for swimming an Olympic lap is 50 meters, which is 165 feet. In the United States, most lap training pools are 25 yards (75 feet). Not too many poeple these days have that kind of space.

     EZ Pools offers a swim-in-place device that can turn our smallest pool into an ocean.

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