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EZ Pools are The Perfect DIY Pool

     Imagine, the perfect sized pool, in the pravacy of your own backyard, for about 1/10th the costs associated with traditional in-ground and metal-side above-ground pools. Again imagine. EZ Pools makes it possible and affordable. As you examine the pictures above, you get the sense that an EZ Pool can be as beautiful as outrageously expensive inground pool. But this is just one example. Take the time to tour the hundreds of pictures of EZ Pools from around the world assembled by your average family. Imagine what you could do. Interested to learn more about the ease of an EZ Lap Pool? Click below for additional tips and advice.

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     From Carton to Completion EZ Pools are the Perfect DIY Pool. The simplistic yet incredibly durable design of an EZ portable Pool allow customers to be able to achieve many more uses and applications that a traditional in-ground or above ground pool just can not offer.

     The key is in the design. Born as a portable pool to be able to be set up anywhere in a matter of minutes, the EZ Pool has become a better solution for DIY backyard projects. And remember, portable does not mean temporary. So start thinking about how to turn your backyard in a destination.

Do-It-Yourself Made EZ


Hey you don't have to start out so sophisticated. Take a look at some simpler installs.

      Some of our customers have been planning their backyard oasis for quite some time. Others however, buy the pool, enjoy it for the summer, talk about what they want to do with the whole backyard, then plan. When you are ready, you can drain and remove the pool until you are ready to put it back. Now, isn't that EZ?

Keep it EZ for Now

Click the Pictures to Learn More about their projects.

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